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 海外のad:techイベントでも日本人スピーカーが増えているようで喜ばしいことですが、NYで6月22・23日に行われる、米広告調査協会ARFのカンファレンスの2日目「Is Mobile Media Ready for Primetime? Asia Thinks So」というセッションで電通総研の山本浩一さんとともに出ることになりました。ギリギリまでどういう議論になるのかわからないという感じになりそうですが、調査の世界も日本のモバイル業界に注目しているので頑張ってきます。

ARF:Audience Measurement 5.0


Hudson Theater

Is Mobile Media Ready for Primetime? Asia Thinks So

Session will focus on how mobile media applications are driving the media market in Asia while America lags behind. Mobile media measurement cannot evolve effectively unless we learn the art of techno-leapfrogging here in the U.S. Participants to include representatives from mobile phone manufacturers from Korea or Japan, Europe, the US as well as research companies involved in measuring these devices (e.g., Sony, Nokia, Google, Nielsen, others).

MODERATOR: Greg Kahn - Executive VP, Business Development, Optimedia International

Kanishka Agarwal - Global SVP, Mobile Media & Marketing, The Nielsen Company
Bob DeSena - CEO, Engagement Marketing Group
Ko Orita - President, Digital Media Strategies, LLC
Ken Papagan - Corporate President, Rentrak
Koichi Yamamoto - Senior Research Director, Communication Lab, Dentsu Institute, Dentsu Inc.

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